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Adam Schiff, Member of Congress

Pasadena Office

87 N. Raymond Ave. #800

Pasadena, California 91105


RE: Homeland Security Presidential Directive #12

Request: Ask Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama to withdraw the Supreme Court petition and to develop new national security standards that protect our national security without gathering personal information unrelated to security concerns


Dear <title-name>:


On November 2, Solicitor General Elena Kagan filed for a writ of certiorari before the United States Supreme Court, requesting a review of a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals injunction that is protecting employees at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory who do nonclassified, nonsensitive work. The injunction prohibits the intrusive, open-ended, background investigations ordered under of Homeland Security Presidential Directive #12 (NASA and Caltech vs. Nelson et al. No. 07-56424).


Solicitor General Kagan has requested that the Supreme Court overturn an en banc decision of the Ninth Circuit Court issued on June 4. The June 4 ruling denied a Department of Justice motion for a full-panel hearing on the question of overturning the injunction that is now protecting JPL employees.


In making her request, the Solicitor General has opened a Pandora’s box, permitting the Supreme Court to possibly erase all protections that citizens might have against government snooping into the most intimate details of their private lives. The government could engage in a wholesale, unrestrained invasion of privacy.


I plead with you to communicate the serious implications of Kagan’s unwise decision to the Attorney General and to the President.


Yours sincerely,



<your name>

<title if applicable, or “concerned citizen”>