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Hippie NASA Employees Fighting New Badges

Posted in Stupid People, Politics by pat on the August 31st, 2007

Some stupid hippies who managed to work at CalTech as JPL contractors are suing the federal government.  They want to block NASA from implementing a new badging process which every other federal employee and contractor has already gone through.

The process involves being fingerprinted and having a background check performed.  Once fingerprints are taken and run through a criminal background check, a badge is issued to the employee, allowing them to work on federal projects.  The goal is to keep criminals and terrorists out of the government infrastructure.

But Susan Foster and a bunch of whiny liberals at CalTech are not happy that their fingerprints will be checked and certainly don’t want anyone asking their neighbors if they are good people or not.

From the AP here:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists and engineers sued NASA and the California Institute of Technology on Thursday, challenging extensive new background checks that the space exploration center and other federal agencies began requiring in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.
The lawsuit says NASA is violating the Constitution by calling on employees — everyone from janitors to visiting professors — to permit investigators to delve into medical, financial and past employment records, and to question friends and acquaintances about everything from their finances to sex lives. Those who refuse could lose their jobs, the suit says.

“They don’t tell you what they’re looking for, they don’t tell you when they’re looking for it, they won’t tell us what they’re doing with the data,” said plaintiff Susan Foster, a technical writer and editor at JPL for nearly 40 years.

JPL employees have until Sept. 28 to fill out forms authorizing the background checks. Those who don’t will be barred from JPL and be “voluntarily terminated” as of Oct. 27. A request for a preliminary injunction blocking the requirements is to be heard in court Sept. 24.

A 2004 Homeland Security presidential directive mandated new security badges for millions of federal workers and contractors.

Foster said she will resign before the badges are required, and that there were members of the clerical staff who were too frightened about losing their jobs to come forward.

Foster is scared because she probably has a growing operation in her basement or some other criminal history.  And with 40 years under her belt, she is probably afraid that she will lose her valuable pension if she is fired for a security violation.

Foster’s website is here.  HSPD12 is here.

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